What a Difference a Stripe Makes: cost-effective changes to paint scheme. (from Guest Blogger Phil Friedman)






More often than not, a well planned and executed modification to a yacht’s paint scheme can yield aesthetic improvements way out of proportion to their cost.  Consider the 90-foot Bahamas Cruiser style yacht seen above. This luxurious, spacious, and ultimately very practical charter vessel exhibits an admittedly somewhat boxy, some might say ferry-like look. However, the addition of three well-planned paint stripes transforms her into an exceedingly handsome yacht, by anyone’s standards. The broad “window” stripe brings a longitudinal unity to her overall appearance and reduces the apparent height of her superstructure. The mid-topside hull stripe gives her a longer, leaner look. And the eyebrow stripe produces a pleasingly crisp transition from house to flybridge structure. All at a cost far less than you might ever expect.

This unusual yacht, by the way, is very nearly perfect for leisurely island-hopping, what with shallow draft, waterjet drives,  a full eight feet of headroom in her common areas, and a flybridge/boat deck that can carry all the water toys needed for a week or two of sun and sea diversion.

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Phil Friedman, New Build and Refit Consultant, Dwight Tracy & Friends Yacht Sales, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA.  Author of the recently published eBook “Ten Golden Rules for Successful New Build Projects,”  Phil has broad experience in mega- and super-yacht construction, being a former president and CEO of world-class yacht builder Palmer Johnson Yachts. He is always ready to gam about the ins and outs of yacht building and refit.


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