Experience a Luxury Yacht Surf Charter on your next Family Holiday in the Maldives!

Maldives Yacht Charter - Maldives Luxury surf charter
Maldives Yacht Charter – Maldives Luxury surf charter

‘Luxury’ and ‘surfing’ are two words which, until now, have never gone hand in hand. My own memories of summers spent surfing in North Cornwall as a child involve sub zero temperatures, hours spent waiting for a decent wave, and the dreaded barefoot journey back from beach to home often in torrential rain. However, the typical image of surfing holidays could be about to undergo a complete transformation with the recent introduction of ‘Sultans of the Seas” brand new luxury Maldives Surf Charter Yacht.

This top of the range Azimut 103; Yacht charter Maldives is the most luxurious surf charter yacht currently based in the Maldives and has been custom built to provide the height of quality in Maldives surfing holidays.

The huge storage capacity provides ample space for surf boards below deck, while the 2 jetskis and motor tender allow surfers to get to the ideal spot for catching a wave; no need for hours of waiting around freezing on your board with this once in a lifetime surf charter experience!

This luxury yacht travels overnight between all the prime surfing locations of the Maldives ; specifically the North and South Male Atoll, home to some of the top surf spots in the Indian Ocean. During a typical 5 night charter you could visit up to 5 superb locations, while those keen for a bit of creative input into the itinerary will be pleased to learn that they also offer a custom option allowing you to access Maldives surf spots slightly further afield.

Whether you’re a hardcore surf addict or a budding enthusiast, the appeal of this luxury surf charter boat is that it offers a chance to indulge in your passion for the sport from the immeasurable comfort of a superyacht equipped with every possible luxury. She accommodates up to 10 guests in her four cabins, each one equipped with en suite facilities and TV screens, and for those who want a break from surfing there is snorkeling, fishing and diving equipment available on board.

So if you’re thinking of planning your next holiday and looking for that perfect balance between sport and relaxation- look no further than this Maldives luxury surf charter and please feel free to contact us through our online form.

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