YACHTONUS.com is a new international online platform for yacht management that allows owners to input data and create an individualized maintenance plan, with the additional option of inviting providers and other users to assist in the process.

It is difficult to remember when various components on your yacht will require servicing, oil and battery changes, life rafts, flares, first aid kits, etc. YACHTONUS.com offers a simple format to create an online profile complete with images.

Sailing yacht and motor yacht registration is free for any boat owner. The user creates an online boat profile in their chosen language that includes all components on board and their state of repair.  Owners develop a maintenance plan and safely give service suppliers access to their online boat profile enabling them to update the configuration, the corresponding maintenance plan and schedule essential tasks in the future. A brief overview of the boat can be shared easily via an email link.

Users can review the highest rated advice for items on board; raise questions with fellow boat owners and specialists as well as accessing required products or services with the click of a mouse.  The service is currently being expanded to offer an online comparison against predefined profiles for boat safety and offshore racing regulations.

Alex Dowdalls

Alex Dowdalls is the founder and managing director of YACHTONUS.com. Born and raised in Hamilton Scotland, he is currently based in Amersfoot, Netherlands. YACHTONUS.com, Dowdalls’ vision for an international online platform, is currently available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

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