Magellano 50 by Azimut Awarded Best Innovative Design at 2011 World Yacht Trophies in Cannes

The Magellano 50 was awarded the Best Innovative Design at a gala ceremony that brought the world’s leading builders, designers and yacht owners together for the prestigious event. At the 2011 World Yacht Trophies, held in Cannes September 10, an esteemed panel of experts, which over the summer examined the major new builds for the season, determined the Magellano 50 exceeded competitors in significant areas.

The specialist jury acknowledged the innovative capacity of Magellano 50, as well as impressive technology that combines impressive efficiency with safeguards to the environment.

The yacht is equipped with the new Easy Hybrid system, created by the Azimut-Benetti R&D department, which propels the yacht at speeds of up to 8 knots in complete silence using electric engines, switching to traditional propulsion methods with the greatest of ease. The exclusive “Dual Mode” hull, a new semi displacement design, makes switching from displacement systems to planing systems extremely easy, thus guaranteeing excellent stability and navigational comfort in addition to high hull reactivity and efficiency under all operating conditions.

Chic interiors evoke the elegance synonymous with contemporary Italian design. Despite the spacious surroundings the yacht has plenty of storage capacity and clever design features that allow for reconfigurations depending on the requirements of the moment.

With Magellano 50, Azimut Yachts demonstrates a noteworthy capacity for innovation and design expertise that will no doubt set a precedent for other brands in its class. This design promises to be very popular on the charter circuit for superbly stylish interiors, spacious outdoor options and impressive fuel economy.

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