DynaWing AC72 America’s Cup Challenger: The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Carbon Free Ride

AC72-DynaWing-Challenger-PressWell in advance of  the 34th America’s Cup starting gun, Sauter Carbon Offset Design is racing to challenge the competition with the DynaWing AC72, which they hope will prove to be faster and more stable than the Oracle AC72 22 meter Racing Cat.

The DynaWing AC72 has a Schooner rig featuring a hybrid Wingmast and mainsail designed to deliver a versatile range of power options from a full arrayDynaWing-AC72-Head-to-Head-Match-Race-34th-Americas-Cup-Challenger-copy1 of sails to a gradual reduction of all sails culminating in Wingmast reefing. Despite the edgy profile, the DynaWing adheres to the ruling design parameters of the AC72 length, beam and a total sail area that includes a maximum of two wing segments.

Designers estimate the DynaWing AC72 will perform equivalently to the Oracle AC72 in light winds, but will be safer and swifter when pushing hard in the strong winds that make ideal racing conditions for spectators.

Richard Sauter head of design commented, “The DynaWing AC72 Schooner truly reflects the sailing legacy that laid the foundation AC72-DynaWing-Challenger-Comparison-Press-copythe America’s Cup is built upon. Employing the DynaWing Schooner rig the existing AC72 is transformed into a viable ocean going design that has significant relevance to yachting and the world at large as she points to the fact that hi-performance sailing vessels are the ultimate Eco-friendly Carbon Free ride”



DynaWing AC72 Specifications:

Length: 22m
Beam: 14m
Mast Height: 32m
Displacement: 5,700 –5,900kg
Sail area:2 Wingmasts 260 sqm total
Gennaker: 320 sqm+
Main & Gennaker: 580 sqm+

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