Dyson Awards Contestant Ben Lau’s Downsized Emergency Floatation Device

A present trend towards miniaturization makes Ben Lau’s emergency flotation device as appealing as it is functional. Lau’s invention, a finalist for a James Dyson Award, was designed to protect rock fisherman. The sport is categorized as one of the ten most dangerous on the planet. Lau was inspired to protect Australia’s rock fishing enthusiasts, who have the highest fatality rate in the world.

Yachtsmen know that space is always at a premium on board, so anything to reduce the volume of stowable equipment is likely to be highly marketable. The simple yet ingenious flotation device consists of a U-shape tube, compacted to the size of a soup can, instantly inflated by two CO2 bulbs at the tug of a ring. Applications for this invention would seem to reach far beyond the rock fisherman who inspired the mechanism.

The James Dyson Awards for young inventors encourage the next generation of design engineers to compete against innovaters from 18 countries for a grand prize of £10,000 to the student, or student team, and £10,000 for their university department. Visit www.jamesdysonaward.org for application information.

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