Azimut Grande 105 Completes Miami to Dominican Republic Crossing

Part of the Azimut Grande collection, the Azimut Grande 105’ is a planing yacht that is proving to be as seaworthy as it is stunning.  Launched from Miami, Florida, the yacht sailed over 1,000 nautical miles to reach its Caribbean destination of La Romana (the Dominican Republic). During the challenging crossing, both Azimut’s shipowner as well as the boat captain were impressed and enthusiastic about the yacht’s technical and navigational qualities.

The owner and a select circle of guests were waiting at the destination to celebrate the official delivery, boat christening and launch ceremony. The party continued on board, giving the guests the opportunity to enjoy the spaces, layout and exquisite cherry finish decor which do full justice to the style that Caribbean yachting is known for.

The Azimut Grande 105’ will remain in La Romana for just a few days before setting sail again for an inaugural cruise to the Virgin Islands.

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