Sailing Yachts take Center Stage at the Monaco Yacht Show

It was a gloriously sunny day yesterday in Monaco,  providing the magnificent backdrop for the world’s greatest superyachts as only Monaco can do.

Wally Yacht BAGHEERA at the Monaco Yacht ShowWe were struck by the number of beautiful sailing yachts on display this year – we counted over 25, not including the Maltese Falcon that was sailing back and forth outside the port. Sailing Yachts have been evolving rapidly on all fronts – technology, materials, comfort, and luxury offerings.  Some of our favorites at the show were NI LAYA from Baltic Yachts, BAGHEERA, a 24m Wally, MARIE, a 54m dual masted from Vitters, and SELENE, a 56m 2 masted Perini Navi.  You can see shots of many of these yachts on our Yacht Charter Facebook page.

LAZY Z superyacht, with water slideNot to be out done, there of course were plenty of amazing Motor Yachts with all of the bells and whistles, from the 60m Expedition Yacht SENSES with her helicopter and several exploration tenders, to 51.4m LAZY Z with her stunning interior and every imaginable water toy including volley ball set up and water slide from the top deck.

Boatbloggings will be covering more of these amazing yachts once the dust settles after the Monaco Yacht Show. And please comment here about the yachts you saw that were particularly amazing, and add images from the show on our Facebook page.

PS. it’s raining today (Friday). Even Monaco can’t assure perfect weather all of the time!

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