iPad for Yachting update – more apps and even a waterproof cover!

When the iPad was released, we immediately thought that it would be a great tech tool for yachting (See “iPad for Yachting, We Say Yes!“), and Apple clearly have a success on their hands given that they’ve already sold 3 million units.  We tested a few of the iPhone apps on the iPad and they do indeed benefit from the speed and larger screen of the iPad.  The Navionics Nautical Charts app is a shining exmple – the app works great on an iPhone, but the larger iPad screen really makes the charts come alive, and they refresh amazingly quickly.  We’re also seeing daily that more marine iPhone apps are being upgraded to work properly on the iPad.  We are keeping a regularly updated list of iPhone and iPad yachting apps on the Boatbookings site. Please let us know if you discover any great new yachting apps!

But if the iPad is going to be successful on yachts, it has to have a waterproof case. We’re happy to say that we’ve discovered one made by TrendyDigital called the Waterproof Waterguard. It’s a plastic cover that lets you use the touch screen and all the controls of the iPad.  And the best news is that it only costs $19.95 – definitely worth it to protect your iPad!

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