What’s new in the French Riviera for Summer 2009?

The sun has returned, the Film Festival is in full swing, Monaco Grand Prix stands are assembled and ready for the race this weekend – which means that the French Riviera is fully up and running for the high season! We thought we’d devote this post to what is new for 2009, in anticipation of your visit to St Tropez, Cannes, Monaco, or anywhere in between.

First of all perhaps the major difference vs 2008 is that we now have a buyer’s market, which is great news for all of you charterers out there!  While there have lately been signs that the business is returning back to normal levels, there is still the opportunity to get good deals if you book your yacht before the end of May.  After that, many of the best yachts will be full, and the deals will evaporate.  So if  you are seriously considering a yacht of any size this summer in the Riviera, please let us know in the next couple of weeks. We’ve listed some of our best French Riviera Yacht Charter Deals here.

Party Boats for up to 56 people in the French RivieraEvent and Celebration Boats.  In the past, we’ve had to turn away many groups that had more than 12 people because, due to Maritime Law and insurance reasons, there are very few yachts on the Riviera that are qualified to carry more then 12 people.  The good news this summer is that we have several fantastic Event Catamarans that carry up to 56 people!  They are reasonably priced, designed with groups in mind, and are happy to add catering, DJs, water sports, etc.  So if you have a business meeting, birthday, wedding reception, stag party, team building event or any other reason to put a large number of people on a boat, we now have several great alternatives for you (we of course also offer motor yachts that carry up to 150 people if that’s what you’re looking for!). Click here to see one of our Event Catamarans.

More information about great new yachts for charter in our next post!

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