Brewer Yacht Yards and Marinas take the lead in cleaning up for the wellbeing of the environment and the yachting industry

As one of the biggest yard and marina owners in North East America, Clean Marina ImageBrewer Yacht Yards and Marinas are planning a massive clean up of all 21 of its sites to bring them upto the standard of the ‘Clean Marina’. Starting with their largest, Brewer Pilots Point Marina in Westbrook, Connecticut, where they have been practising many of the Clean Marina policies before the Clean Marina guidelines came out, they are also helping the local authorities write a guide book to help smaller marinas understand the regulations and how to implement them in a practical sense.  Rives Potts, general manager of Pilots Point since 1980, says

œI think our customers have become more savvy on environmental issues because of the number of favorable comments on our efforts, I think our whole industry has been behind the ball, and we’re just becoming aware of it.

He has been keen on creating more environmentally aware and sustainable yards and marinas for at least the past 30 years and is happy that now people are encouraging these regulations to be enforced, after all, in the long term, it will be easier and cheaper to maintain your yacht and safer for you to use the water and enjoy it if the water it is in is clean.  The message coming through from all sides is clear, we need to create a sustainable environment or the yacht industry will become its own worst enemy, spoiling the reasons that so many people enjoy it.

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Some information courtesy of Trade Only Today online.

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