Volvo Ocean Race circumnavigates Africa and heads for Asia

The Volvo Ocean Race, formerly the Whitbread Race, has this week started the second leg of the race which sees the eight contestants sail from Cape Town to Cochin in India.  It is the first time in 35 years that Cochin has been on the race route and maybe for good reasons, along with navigating crushing seas, icebergs and fishing vessels the crews will have to use their common sense and avoid the danger of piracy off the East coast of Africa.
This previously uncharted territory for sailboat racing may make the crews realise that they may need to work together as well as racing each other adding a new edge to the race, though whether adding this edge to the race will be a good idea or not will be something we shall have to wait and see.  The second leg lasts 4,450 miles with the leader expected to arrive in Cochin around the 3rd December.

Some information courtesy of the The New York Times Online.

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