Fort Myers in Florida recognised as a Clean Marina

As we look to take more responsibility of our effect on the environment around us, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection along with the Clean Boating Partenership have been recognising steps to protect our Earth in the boating community.  The Fort Myers Yacht Basin in Florida has recently been added to a growing list of Clean Marinas in the state, setting the benchmarks for environmental stewardship whilst providing a public service.

image of floridaThere are more than 2000 marinas dotted along Florida’s coastline and the effects of year-round boating activity contributes to the growing pressure on Florida’s sensitve aquatic and marine ecosystems.  Marinas awarded with Clean Marina status go above and beyond the required environmental regulations by adopting practices that keep solvents, sewage, fuel and oil out of the water and look to protect the native manatees and other marine creatures.  As a yacht charterer, you too can help to protect the environment and ensure the sustainable future of our planet and the yachting industry wherever you are by making concerted green chartering decisions and efforts, including reducing your carbon footprint and taking responsible care of your waste.  If we all try to make a difference, we can help to keep our seas and oceans as glorious as they are today for the yachting lovers of the future.
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