Fincantieri tries his hand at Yacht building at the Monaco Yacht Show

The Monaco Yacht Show is a venue notorious for world firsts and this year was no exception with Fincantieri, the Italian builder, turning his creative hand to yacht building. Fincantieri unveiled to the yacht industry’s most scrutinating eyes a miniature model of the seven deck, 134m sleek and graceful beauty rumoured to be owned by a Russian.Fincantieri's model yacht  Until now, all that was available to see of the yacht’s design were photographs so carefully angled that no secrets were spilled.

Since the show the company have picked up another order for a 90m plus vessel and have commited themselves to the niche market for yachts greater than 70m.  This is due to a helping hand into the industry from Vincenzo Poerio, the managing director of Benetti who moved from Fincantieri 15 years ago.  In return Fincantieri have agreed to stay in the larger yacht market and not threaten the domestic market, of which Benetti is a strong contender.

Information and photo courtesy of Llyod’s List.

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