Boatbookings announces fuel calculator, St Tropez Video

Boatbookings Press Release


9 October 2008


Boatbookings launches new tools to calculate charter fuel costs
 Boatbookings releases “Cannes to St Tropez/Club 55 Video”

Fuel Cost Calculator

Boatbookings, a worldwide leader in online yacht charter, has launched an easy to use tool to accurately calculate the fuel cost of any yachting itinerary, anywhere in the world. Users simply need to click their precise itinerary on the map provided, enter the fuel consumption per hour and the price of fuel, and the estimated amount of fuel used and cost is calculated instantly.

Tom Virden, Founder of Boatbookings, stated “With the current high price of petrol, the cost of the fuel has become a far signficant portion of the overall charter cost.  We found that our charter consultants were constantly being asked for the cost of the itinerary. Given the importance, we worked with Google to develop a unique tool to just click on a map and calculate your fuel cost”.  In a very short time, it’s become one of the top pages on our site.” To view the Charter Distances and Fuel Calculator, click here.

This tool complements our carbon offset calculator, the world’s first online tool where you can calculate exactly the carbon emissions and cost to offset them (view the carbon offset calculator here). “Boatbookings is committed to using technology to improve all aspects of the charter experience, the above are just two examples of our investment in yacht charter technology”, Virden concluded.

St Tropez Video

Boatbookings gets a very large number of requests for charters to the famous Club 55 in St Tropez. Instead of trying to describe the experience via email or on the phone, the company has released a video to give an accurate depiction of the whole day’s experience. The Cannes-St Tropez video can be viewed here.

Virden commented “This is one way we can demonstrate to clients what to expect from a day out on the French Riviera: video captures the experience and makes it easy for them to visualise how they might envisage doing such a charter themselves. The day we put the video live, we received an enquiry saying ‘I want to do that trip’. With the advent of YouTube, people are coming to expect to view videos before they make significant commitments”.

Boatbookings is constantly breaking new ground in using technology to clarify and simplify the charter process, providing useful destination information at the click of a button, while still remaining “high touch” thus maintaining the one-to one element of contact between client and the charter manager.

The company has also created a number of slide shows for various yachting destinations on the site, which again paint the picture of what a certain destination looks like for those who have never been to say Portofino or Cape Cod; with more on the way.

Mr Virden says, “This is all part of Boatbookings' continued dedication to ongoing technological advancement. We are very excited at being able to offer these tools to our clients, all with the end aim of making the charter process easier and better, regardless of where in the world our clients charter their yacht.”

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