The Ultimate Water Toy – A Water Powered Jet Pack that Allows You to Fly!

Have you ever dreamed that you could fly ? Well now you can with this new water powered jet pack.  Your flight begins as a 200-HorsePower marine engine pumps water up a 33-foot hose at over 1,000 gallons-per-minute, generating over 420 pounds of thrust.When the water reaches the ultra-light backpack, it’s directed through two nozzles at up to 60 pounds-per-square-inch and you’re airborne!

Aiming the nozzles creates smooth, stable turns. And the motorcycle-style throttle lets you climb, dive and hover up to 30 feet above the surface. The  safety harness and trapeze keep you in optimal flying position, while the fuel-efficient motor gives you hours of flight on a single tank of high-octane gasoline.

This water toy includes a jet pack made out of carbon fiber and is attached to a small boat (3 meters long) that sucks the water in, sends it through a big hose that brings the water up to the jet pack.

Given the “arms race” we see on super yachts competing for the coolest water toys, many will start adding the jet pack for the upcoming charter season!

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