Haiti Update – do not try to take a boat there!

We’ve had several enquiries from people who have relatives and friends  in Haiti who want to charter a buy cialis tabs yacht there to get them out.  Please do not attempt to do this!  All ports are closed – you cannot get in from the Dominican Republic. The Police are on high alert for theft of vessels going to the region. Also any yacht from the States trying to get in illegally will be arrested.

The best way to help in Haiti is through the standard charities and agencies.

Boatbookings to donate 2% of January revenues to Haiti Relief

We are all horrified and sadened by the events in Haiti, and we feel a particular affinity for the Haitians given that they are in the Caribbean, where we do so many charters. So, in our effort to help, we will be donating 2% of our revenues in January 2010 to help heal and rebuild Haiti. Funds will be given to the Stand with Haiti fund.

Our hearts go out to the survivors, and hope that our contribution can make a difference.

If you are interested in helping out in Haiti, here’s a charity we recommend. Our hearts go out to all the people of Haiti!

Stand With Haiti