Our Top Picks for Miami Restaurants and Beach Clubs on Your Yacht Charter

Are you considering a Miami yacht charter? Not only do we know the yachts to choose and best places to see by boat, we also can invite you to try our top picks of restaurants and beach clubs to end your day or to visit while you’re in town; you don’t have to check them all out on the same day as your charter.

Yachts in port at Miami South Beach
Yachts in port at Miami South Beach
Miami and the Keys Cuisine
Try the Famous Key Lime Pie!

The Miami ‘Floribbean’ cuisine brings together flavours from Florida and the Caribbean sea, creating a unique fusion of flavours. Try the famous Key Lime Pie at LoKal or Sweetness Bakeshop that originates from the Florida Keys and uses the local limes, or stop off at the long-standing Joe’s Stone Crab restaurant to sample some of the best crab claws around if you want a taste of traditions.

Or if you fancy somewhere young and lively, check out Nikki Beach Miami along Ocean Drive, and maybe stop off at Ocean’s Ten on your way for some impressive cocktails that you aren’t likely to forget any time soon.

See all of our top restaurants and beach clubs here.

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