The Mighty XSR Interceptor – capable of reaching 85 knots!


Continuing along the theme of our previous blog on the stunning 28 Fearless Porsche design boat, the XSR Interceptor takes the concept of a powerboat to the next level. It is the result of over 165,000 hours in research, development and engineering time and is the most advanced craft of its type in the world. With a maximum speed of 85 knots (97mph) and carrying a .50 calibre machine gun hidden under the deck, this boat will be able to overhaul drug smuggling vessels in the Caribbean and pirate ships off the coast of Somalia.


XSY interceptor10

Some of the notable features on the Interceptor that truly marks it out from all others are its composite hull containing Kevlar armour, “shock mitigation” seats and the revolutionary 'Transverse Roll Attenuation and Stabilisation Equipment' –  said to provide incredible stability and high speed cornering capability.

Although sadly the interceptor is not available for charter you might well be able to purchase one at a mere £1.5 million! This jaw dropping vessel boasts state of the art technology, weaponry and communications systems and is aimed at the military and government clients around the world.

Mistral 55

However, if you love the exhilaration of speeding across the water on a luxury yacht then MISTRAL 55 is the yacht for you! Capable of speeds up to 50 knots, this incredible Pershing 115 combines the speed of these super fast power boats with the grand luxury of her more sedate contemporaries.

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