TÛRANOR PlanetSolar: Eco Catamaran Destined as a Luxury Yacht

TûRANOR PlanetSolar reminds me that visionaries of the past, like Isaac Asimov, were closer to future reality than fiction. The goal of the PlanetSolar team is to pioneer the circumnavigation of the globe in a boat driven exclusively by solar power.

Even before embarkation from Monaco on September 27, the TûRANOR PlanetSolar team made impressive advancements in the production and application of composite materials and structures, and the production and storage of solar energy, that will likely set a precedent for future yacht design.

The vision of the project is to enlighten the public about the possibilities and importance of renewable energy as well as practical applications in the increasingly eco conscious marine industry. According to the company, construction costs were a primary consideration, and builds will be kept reasonable and competitive through the use of materials and technologies available today, which have the potential to be mass-produced.

PlanetSolar, which will be home to four sailors during the circumnavigation, is designed as a luxury catamaran yacht with a crew of six, and can accommodate up to forty people while in port. The vessel is presently at the Beach Marina in Miami after cruising 61 days 34 minutes from Monaco with stops in Las Palmas and St. Maarten.

The TÛRANOR PlanetSolar website is informative and fun, with many features including; Google Earth RSS-Feed, live current boat location, photos and logbook. There is even a Virtual Regatta that lets you be the skipper!

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