Yachting Destination Bimini Bay Resort Joins Shark-Free Intitiative

The island of Bimini in the Bahamas has long been a paradise for yachtsmen, sport fishermen and water sports enthusiasts. Reputedly discovered by Ponce de Leon in his quest for the Fountain of Youth, Bimini remains an unspoiled place of beauty and serenity.

Bimini Bay Resort and Marina, an elegant complex that welcomes charter guests, is the third resort in Bimini to join the Shark-Free Marinas initiative. A popular destination and leading employer on the island, they hope to educate both tourists and locals with a goal to raise awareness of the need to protect Bimini shark populations.

Shark-Free Marinas participate in a voluntary program that prohibits fisherman from bringing sharks they have caught into their facilities. Participating members support tagging programs and promote catch-and-release techniques. The aim is to reduce the mortal take of sharks and encourage responsible use of the ocean.

The world-renowned Bimini Biological Field Station is a place of interest for those concerned with the health of the oceans. Known as Sharklab, the research facility located on South Bimini studies the many species of shark in the unique habitat of the surrounding waters.

Bimini Bay Resort and Marina welcomes luxury charter yachts to dock and take advantage of their four-star facilities and amenities. For additional destination and yacht charter information Boatbookings.com is an excellent resource. Here is a helpful link: Bahamas Yacht Charter

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