Turkey’s Çesme Marina: New Alluring Destination for Luxury Yachts

Located just eight miles from the Greek Island of Chios at the western tip of Turkey’s Izmir Peninsula on the shores of the Aegean, Çesme Marina is fast becoming a priority destination for international yachtsmen. A yacht charter bound for destinations on the Aegean Sea offers an experience of spectacular beauty as well as inspiring cultural and historical significance. Plus, onsite customs and immigration offices at Çesme Marina facilitate smooth sailing between Turkey and the Greek Islands.

Çesme Marina, located in a naturally protected harbor, can moor 350 yachts with a 200’ LOA. Marine facilities include a full-service boatyard with 80-ton travel lift and ships store. The marina also features a boutique hotel and yacht club, and an enticing selection of restaurants and retail outlets. Incorporating architectural elements that reflect Turkish civilization within an upscale context gives the marina an overall ambiance of exotic luxury that is aesthetically delightful.

Highlights of the area include some very beautiful, white sand beaches and nearby Çesme Hot Springs. The calm shallow waters of the beaches are ideal for families and the hot springs are said to cure just about anything that ails you.

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