After the storms, the scramble is on to get Cannes ready for the Film Festival

Major waves from a freak storm last week decimated much of the beachfront in Cannes, including several beach restaurants that are used for entertainment during the film festival.  We saw mounds of sand needing to be carted away, broken piers, and ripped up restaurant floorboards.

A broken pier in Cannes due to freak waves

Everyone has been pulling together, and with the addition of €2 million in interest free loans provided by the French Government, it looks like most if not all of the damage to the will be repaired on time for the opening of the Festival.

Earth movers cleaning up debris in Cannes from the storms

Today, the sun was back and shining in Cannes, although the forecast for the week is still unsettled. But we certainly hope that the worst is behind us and that the  Film Festival will go off without a hitch!

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