Hot Yachts and trends from the Monaco Yacht Show

Monaco Yacht Show 2009We spent 3 days climbing all over gorgeous yachts at the Monaco Yacht Show (someone’s got to do it!) and talking to experts in the yachting business, and will try to distill all of this into a few posts.  Here are some of our topline conclusions:

The market: Although visitors seemed down from last year, there was a good sense of optimism that the market was coming back strongly. Most everyone we talked with said that clients were much more active and that business was “beating expectations”.

Trends:  Every year, the yachts get bigger, more luxurious and add more toys. This year was no exception, with PRINCESS MARIANA leading the way at 78.59 meters (257 feet).  Windows continue to get larger, with floor to ceiling becoming more prevalent. Interiors seemed to be moving away from either pure beige or dark mahogany to more use of texture, fine fabrics and excellent finishings.  One key trend we saw on many of the larger yachts was a fold down swimming deck that is a complete day living Swimming deckarea, complete with tables, bars, parasols and mini kitchens (see image).  These have a pool house feel to them, and add a nice “hang out” environment that gets you closer to the water.  And of course nearly all yachts now have hot tubs and internet built in.

Our favourite yachts: We loved the following yachts – all for different reasons, but we’ll look forward to putting our clients on any of them!

LEO FUN – 53.9 meter Proteksan Turquoise Yachts – amazing interior design with stones, woods, marble – pure class and beautifully done.

SILVER ANGEL – 64 meter Benetti – it’s immense inner spaces in an art deco style with Lalique glass throughout, beautiful use of greys, silvers, violet to give a stunning effect.

TRIDENT – 65 meter Feadship – Gorgeous interior by Donald Starkey combining Asian and Western influences, great crew.

We’ll have more about these yachts, and others in the coming days, but just wanted to give you our first impressions!

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