What to Charter in 2009 – Sailboats!

Tiara - sailing yachtIt’s obvious, and we’re seeing it very strongly in our enquiries – sailboats are going to be huge in 2009.  In a year of concern about finances and the environment, what could be a better way to holiday than on a low-carbon-footprint sailboat? Sailboat charter is normally far less expensive than motor yacht charter – both the base price and the fuel consumption.

Sailing Yachts have been steadily adding features and comfort, and we can find a model that offers you amazing amenities, style and grace. If you’re looking for a crewed sailing yacht, you can find some amazing boats where you will be pampered, fed gourmet cuisine, and experience the thrill of sailing.  To give you an idea, look at some of these beautiful crewed sailing yachts such as Tiara (pictured).  And for true value, check out our Turkish and Croatian Gulets.

Fuel prices are down by almost half, so it’s less expensive chartering Motor Yachts this year, but 2009 could truly be the year of the Sailboat.

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