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As all of you have no doubt noticed, Thailand, one of our favorite charter destinations, has some political problems at the moment!

Previous problems have largely been confined to small areas around government buildings in Bangkok. Our Asia Regional Manager was actually in Bangkok during the military coup 20 months ago, and life was totally normal for 99% of the city.

This time, however, some protesters have occupied and shut down Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. This is making it awkward for tourists to get in and out of Thailand.  Here is our most up-to-date information on effect on the Thai charter regions:


We spoke to several of the major charter operators in Phuket over the last few days. They confirm that there are no problems on the ground in Phuket, life is going on normally, charters are running and the sun is starting to shine!

Airlines are re-routing their flights to Singapore, and regional airlines are adding extra flights from Singapore to Phuket to handle the extra demand.

Koh Chang

This is the biggest travel problem area, since virtually all international clients for Koh Chang will come in through the main international airport. However, for people who still want to get to Koh Chang, it is possible. Bangkok Airways operates flights between Phuket and Utapao, just south of Pattaya. From there, a minibus transfer can take you south to Koh Chang.

Koh Samui

Phuket is the gateway again. Bangkok Airways operates flights between Phuket and Koh Samui. Charter yachts are based in Koh Samui May to September each year.

The good news for travelers is that all these issues means that demand will be down, and there will some fabulous charter offers becoming available over coming months. In fact, there are already special offers emerging from Phuket.  See our Phuket Specials or contact our Asian Office if you would like further information at: +65 9173 4520 or email Singapore.

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