Car Manufacturers getting involved in Yachting; this time it’s BMW and Audi

Following on from the announcement of the Porsche Design collaboration with the Singapore based yacht builder Royal Falcon Fleet (see the blog dated September 12th) a further two German Automobile Companies have inspired sea worthy vessels; Audi and BMW. Audi R8 inspired power cat
The Swedish company Vizualtech were inspired by the Audi R8 and have designed a power catamaran in its image for a Dubai race boat company. It is 8.8m (29ft) in length, has two gullwing doors and uses either a modified biodiesel V10 engine or two smaller 320hp V8 engines taking the vessel to a top speed of 110 mph.

BMW yachtBMW Designworks USA meanwhile, has teamed up with Belgian yacht builder Zeydon to create the Performance Cruiser Z60 sailing yacht and enter a completely new yacht market; performance-oriented luxury sailing yachts.  The boat can reach downwind speeds of 23 knots under sail power alone or 10-13 knots using the yacht’s engines.

Will this trend from the automobile world to the yachting world continue?  Watch this space to find out.
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