The Latest in Green Chartering: Introducing the Carbon Offset Calculator!

AntarcticIt is no secret that motor exhausts from boats emit Carbon Dioxide, a recognised contributor to Global Warming, so how can we all do our bit for the environment, whilst still enjoying the thrill of yacht chartering?

Fortunately there are ways to offset your emissions by purchasing carbon credits, these facilitate projects dedicated to reducing carbon released into the atmosphere, such as planting trees, funding renewable energy and improving energy efficiency.  By chartering with, the carbon credits you buy with us are given to Climate Care, a pioneering UK based company who researches, funds and measures these projects.

Use our Carbon Offset Calculator to see how much it would cost you to offset your fuel use.

As the amount of CO2 emitted is directly proportional to the amount of fuel used, you could also go easy on the accelerator and of course, the best way to reduce your carbon emissions is to charter a sailing boat where you will be able to fully enjoy the thrill of sailing by using the wind!

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