Jost Van Dyke’s beach bars – Foxy’s and the Soggy Dollar Bar – BVI

Jost Van Dyke, a largely uninhabited island in the BVI, boasts two of the most renowned and intriguing beach bars in the world.  Foxy’s is known for Foxy’s guitar playing, Beach BBQs and New Years Eve parties.  The Soggy Dollar Bar, is famous as the inventor of the “Painkiller” Drink, and because you need to swim from your boat to get to the bar – there is no dock (but a wire is provided to dry your soggy dollars, euros, etc.)

Both of these bars were established by local entrepreneurs and have remained unpretentious and largely unspoiled since their founding (although you’ll find a few hangers on at Foxy’s ready to take advantage of you by “finding” your lost dinghy for a few bucks.

They’re gotten their fame because of the interational nature of the BVI, with so many sailors arriving there and speading the recommendation to their friends.

We highly recommend both, but please don’t blame us for the hangovers! 

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