Anguilla Restaurants – Our Insiders Guide!

Here is our recommendation for some of the best restaurants in Anguilla. Enjoy!

One of the most famous restaurants in Anguilla is Blanchard’s in Mead’s Bay owned by Bob and Melinda Blanchard. The couple moved to Anguilla from New England and have written a book about the experience entitled Live What You Love. Have you ever thought of chucking your life and moving to an island? If so, this book could be dangerous!

Many other gourmet restaurants can be found on the island including:
Altamar, a chic restaurant alongside the architecturally famous Altamar Villas in Shoal Bay.
Koal Keel, an authentic plantation restaurant in the Valley with a 15,000 bottle wine cellar,
Michel Rostang’s spectacular restaurant at the Malliouhana Resort on Mead’s Bay complete with a 25,000 bottle wine cellar.
Santorini’s at the CuisinArt Resort in Rendezvous Bay, which boasts an organic farm and offers cooking classes.
Straw Hat, a sophisticated restaurant with local flare built on a pier in Forest Bay.
For a more casual island dining experience try:
Big Jim’s Snack Bar at Blowing Point, which supposedly has the best BBQ chicken on the island.
Barrel Stay on the beach in Sandy Ground (264 497 2831)
Mango’s Seaside Grill, an open-air restaurant overlooking Barnes Bay.
La Veranda a new family-owned restaurant in Sandy Ground whose French chef serves Caribe Mediterranean fare with real zest. 1-264-497-2225
Oliver’s Seaside Grill at Long Bay.
Tasty’s, whose chef and owner was formerly at the Malliouhana Hotel ( 1-264-497-2723).

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