Two countries – One charter

Aerial view of the Pietra Lighthouse at sunset, Ile-Rousse, Red Island Corsica, Corsica, France

Why not discover the glorious La Maddelena and the historic town of Bonifacio in one charter? Start your charter in Sardinia and explore lush green islands, and clear, the Caribbean like water.

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le lever du soleil derri?®re les montagnes, dans la baie d’Ajaccio en Corse, France

There are not a lot of charter yachts based in Corsica, so our advice is to start your charter in Sardinia, cruise through La Maddelena to the southern coast of Corsica. The northern tip of Sardinia is roughly 7(ish) nautical miles from Bonifacio, that’s half the distance than sailing between Siros to Mykonos in Greece!


There are far more yachts based in Sardinia. There’s more variation, more yacht stock, and newer fleets based in Sardinia. The prices are also more competitive than Corsican based yachts.

But I don’t want to do any open water sailing!

Don’t worry – even though it looks like it’s ‘open water sailing’ Corsica is only 7 NM’s away from Sardinia and on most days you can see the bottom of Corsica – just head north!

7 Day itinerary

La Maddelena

Cala Corsara, Maddalena archipelago on Sardinia island, Italy.

Realistically, who doesn’t want to be at anchor in a bay this blue? Take your tender to shore and walk around the rugged coastline – don’t forget to take your kill cord with you! La Maddelena is absolutely full to the brim with anchorages like the one above, the hardest decision is which one do you anchor in?!

What’s so good about Corsica anyway?

Santa Giulia – Corsica

Corsica is one of the Meditteranean’s best-kept secret. The water is turquoise, the sand beaches are white and the scenery is just jaw-dropping. The tall cliffs which fall into the sea is the perfect backdrop for your alfresco dinner. The 9th-century Citadel which stands over the white cliffs of Bonifacio is a sight to remember. Not to mention some of the most incredible anchorages known to man are based on the southern coast of Corsica.

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