Top 10 tips for your sailing holiday!

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I spent 6 months living on a yacht in Greece. There’s a thing or two that really made a difference to my comfort levels, you’ll thank me for these!

1) A portable fan. I survived one month without a fan, and when a guest gave me theirs it changed my life.

2) Insect spray and wipes. I wiped down the inside of my cabin every two days and this kept the mosquitos bay. If you find it hard to sleep with the buzzing, you can purchase a mosquito net and hang it in your cabin.

3) Hammock. The skipper on our yacht brought a hammock with him, and it was great! Not only is it comfortable to sleep in, but during the day it’s nice to cozy up with a book! You can attach it to the forestay and mast.

4) Quick-dry towel. The best invention – ever. Gone are the days when trying to dry yourself with a damp towel! Available cheaply online or at marine shops.

5) Cover-ups. Easy to chuck on when you get out of the sea.

6) Medicines. I took with me seasickness tablets, these can sometimes make people feel sleepy, if this is the case I can suggest ginger root tablets. Along with these, the typical medicines such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, hayfever, insect after bite, etc.

7) Water bottle. I found that having a water bottle I was more likely to drink water than pouring a glass below.

8) Extra pair of sunglasses. It is inevitable that a pair of sunglasses will fall overboard…. it happens…and when it does you’ll be so thankful you brought a backup.

9) Waterproof phone case. Sometimes the weather turns and you need your phone up on deck. They normally come with a ban that goes around your neck which is really handy.

10) A book of the local language! Nothing breaks barriers better than foreigners trying to speak the local language.

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