A cool iPhone App – Anchor Alert – Know if Your Anchor is Dragging!

Anchor Alert for iPhone to see if your anchor is draggingThere seems to be no end to the uses of iPhones on Yachts – we’ve just come across an app that does one thing well – tell you if your anchor is dragging!  Think about how many times you’ve looked at the shore to see if it’s getting closer, without being sure. This app – Anchor Alert – simply uses the iPhone’s GPS to establish where the boat is anchored, and if you drift more than the normal length of your anchor lead, it sends you an alarm. So you can sleep in peace knowing you will be alerted before you drift into a rock!

Cool app for $3.99 at the Apple App Store.

We compile a list of cool yachting and boating iPhone and iPad apps on the Boatbookings site – which we’re constantly updating. If you know of useful apps for yachting, please go to the page and leave us a note.

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