Kingship Sets New Yacht Design Standard for 144’ GREEN VOYAGER

The first steel block of this potentially award-winning yacht commenced assembly last month at Kingship Shipyard. Green Voyager is designed for minimal environmental impact that exceeds MEPC 159(55) requirements and RINA Green Plus Platinum notation.

To this end, the explorer-style yacht is equipped with diesels, shaft generator/E-motors, diesel-electric and advanced power management and battery power systems for propulsion and hotel loads estimated to increase efficiency by16% in propulsion, 20% for hotel loads, and produce unprecedented low levels of emissions.

Tork Buckley, career Captain and current editor of the Yacht Report, will represent Kingship in a presentation at the Singapore Superyacht Conference, October 13-14, 2010, explaining the Green Voyager project and how shipyards can lead rather than follow superyacht trends.

The Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) has nominated Green Voyager for their 2010 Environmental Award. The UIM promotes environmentally friendly innovation and technology in an effort to address environmental challenges, particularly the decline in biodiversity and energy resources.

Green Voyager is a collaborative design effort between the yard, architects, engineers and consultants who share a vision to reduce the environmental footprint. The yard has entered Green Voyager for consideration by the UIM Environmental Working Group.

Visit the link Green Chartering! for insights into treading lightly.

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