Future Destination: Tel Aviv Port to Reopen After 45 Years

Tel Aviv, with two overly congested marinas at the Jaffa Port and Atrium Square, has developed a fast-paced, two-year construction plan to ease the situation. The construction of a third marina at Tel Aviv Port, located within steps of numerous stimulating venues, will introduce an exciting new alternative for luxury yachts.

The first ships arrived in the Tel Aviv port in 1938, which remained a bustling hub of naval activity until its closure in 1965. Now Israel’s Transportation Ministry recognizes both the pressing need and economic viability of renewing marine activity at the old port.

Plans are in place to construct a new luxury marina able to accommodate smaller yachts in slips, with anchorages for larger yachts located just outside the marina. Plans include dredging the harbor to increase depth and construction of a new breakwater and docks.

Otzar Mifalei Yam and Atarim companies infused new energy into the old port about ten years ago with commercial development that today houses numerous restaurants, retail shops, offices and nightclubs. To further enhance facilities at the port plans for a major hotel and supermarket are also in the works.

Tel Aviv is a unique destination situated on the Israeli Mediterranean coastline. For architecture enthusiasts, Tel Aviv’s White City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, comprises the world’s largest concentration of more than 4,000Bauhaus or Modernist buildings built in the 1930s by immigrant German Jewish architects.

Tel Aviv is the wealthiest city in the country and evidences a very cosmopolitan lifestyle. Its beautiful beaches (ranked ninth-best among world beach cities by National Geographic), upscale shops, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs keep the city vibrant 24 hours a day. For information on charter yachts worldwide visit Boatbookings.com yacht charter.

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