Special Visa Requirements during the Cricket World Cup

If you are planning to be at the Cricket world Cup, you should know that the countries hosting the CWC have joined together to act as a single country to make entry and exit easier.  During the period 1st February to 15th May 2007 special visa arrangements will apply to all visitors for any purpose to any of the ten countries listed below.    

Antigua & Barbuda  Barbados
Dominica  Grenada
Guyana  Jamaica
St. Kitts & Nevis  Saint Lucia
St. Vincent & The Grenadines  Trinidad & Tobago               

Nationals of all countries require the CARICOM (Carribean Community) Visa to enter except nationals from the following countries and their overseas countries and territories:


France & OCTs




Nationals and Residents of CARICOM Member States (Except Haiti)


South Africa


The Netherlands & OCTs

United Kingdom & Dependent Territories             

United States & Dependent Territories             


For more informations, see CARICOM at https://www.caricomimpacs.org/


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