Blue Cruises and Turkish Gulets

A guletMore and more people are discovering that one of the best sailing holidays is on a Gulet in the Turkish Aegean Sea.  Gulets are modified wooden Turkish Fishing boats, now made luxurious for those wanting a relaxing, cultural sailing holiday. 

These holidays are called Blue Cruises, and depart from Aegean Ports such as Bodrum, Marmaris and Gocek.  You get to experience Greek and The ancient port of Bodrum with its Crusades FortressRoman Ruins, quiet anchorages, beautiful scenery, swimming, snorkeling, and the great hospitality of the Turks, all on a gorgeous and comfortable sailing yacht.  There are many beautiful Gulets that you can reserve with excellent crews and superb Turkish cuisine. For the full story, check out the full Gulets page on here.

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