8 day Crewed Anambas Islands Itinerary

anambas crewed charter itinerary

8 day crewed charter for the Anambas islands. 

The Anambas Regency, in Indonesia, is still virtually unchartered, and therefore it remains Indonesia's forgotten islands - perfect for exploring! The islands provide an off the beaten track, suitable for activity lovers for those wanting to get away from the fast-paced life at home. Crewed charters in the Anambas have recently become available to Boatbookings, so we are all extremely excited about to organise an unforgettable, chartering experience for our clients. 
Day 1: One 15 Marina / Batam / Anambas

Singapore and anambas charters with boatbookings
Check-in at One 15 Marina, Singapore. You will then cruise to Sister Islands for Singapore immigration. After a lavish lunch provided by the crew, you will continue to cruise to Batam. During the first night, the crew will undertake the overnight long haul sail over to the exclusive islands of Anambas.

Day 2: Damar / Jemadja / Ajam

anambas crewed itinerary charter

Arriving in Damar in the morning, breakfast will be served on board with the incredible untouched islands as the backdrop - there is no better place to wake up then submerged in nature! Why not go for your first dive around some unexplored reefs? You will then slowly cruise to Jemadja and then Ajam after lunch. Jamadja is home to extremely healthy coral which is truly fascinating to snorkel/drive around. Enjoy Dinner onboard the yacht, the overnight will be in Ajam.

Day 3: Telaga / Siantan

siantan islands anambas

Wake up fresh and revitalised in Ajam. You'll then cruise to Telaga where the crew will prepare lunch on the aft of the yacht. Dive, swim, relax around Telaga during the afternoon before cruising to Siantanfor your third evening onboard your crewed charter. 

Day 4: Siantan / Penjalin

After breakfast, its time to visit the Terampah Market and the Siantan waterfall. Lunch will be served on board before the afternoon sail towards Penjalin. 

Day 5: Penjalin / Mandariau

Penjalin charter with boatbookings

The crew will organise the dives as the waters around Penjalin are superb for diving. The water is extremely clear, unlike some of the other islands as the currents can make the waters cloudy. The coastline is dramatic, with many hiking trails around the island. 

Day 6: Sagu Dampar / Moon Rock Lagoon

Moonrock lagoon

Cruise to Mandariau and go swimming in the Mandariau West and Sagu Dampar. After lunch, the crew can arrange your visit to Moon Rock Bluff. TThe Moon Rock Bluff is a large rock that stands out over the stunning lagoon below. It is well worth scrambling up to check the view - it is very impressive! On a clear night, the moon illuminates and shines brightly over the anchorage.  It is possible to arrange a night dive, it is well worth spending the evening here too.  

Day 7: Pencil Dot Island / Ritan


Photo: Howarths.

Cruise to Pencil Dot Island for a morning dive and to explore the island. Pencil Dot island is only 200 metres long, but is a perfect uninhabited tropical island, with the most perfect white sand beaches! The island was given this name as it is the size of a pencil dot on the charters! After lunch, we’ll cruise to Ritan for diving in Bonito Rock and then stay overnight in Ritan. Scrambling up the rocky south-west side of the anchorage, this hilltop provides fabulous views of the anchorage.

Day 8: Ritan / Bawah / Repong / Batam

Bawah islands

Enjoy two dives in Ritan South and White Rock in the morning. The stunning waters around here provide excellent diving, even at depth. After lunch, we’ll cruise to Bawah and Repong for a final dive. Bawah is a newly opened upmarket resort which is truly very stunning. Afterwards, we’ll sail back to Batam for dinner and an overnight stay. You can either charter a seaplane back to Singapore, or if you fancy it, join the crew for the last leg back to One 15 Marina. 

Thank you to the Howarths for their in-depth account of their experience of sailing around some of the most unchartered islands in the world, allowing others to carry on the legacy of the Anambas Islands. 

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