Boatbookings commits to sustainability and zero emissions chartering

Boatbookings commitment to sustainability

Boatbookings has known from its founding day that a healthy environment is critical to a great charter experience, and that climate change is a threat to the viability of the entire yachting industry. While sailing yacts are essentially carbon neutral when powered by the wind, it is distressing to see that even today's most sophisticated motor yachts are still nearly 100% deisel powered.

This is why Boatbookings has decided to do something dramatic about climate change. We commit that by 2020, all of our charters will be net zero carbon emissions.

We will accomplish this by the following initiatives:

  • We will pay for carbon offsets for ALL of our motor yacht charters' expected emmissions from burning fuel
  • We will encourage charterers to consider sailing charters wherever possible
  • We will give preference to yachts that are energy efficient, and strive to source the new generation of electric boats that are beginning to become available
  • We will require all charters to stop using plastic bottles, straws and single use plastic wherever possible

We will become an active voice at industry events to encourage the yacht charter community to adopt the above initiatives with the goal of the entire industry achieving carbon neutral status by 2025.


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