A yacht charter broker you say, interesting.

Broker Alice provides an insight into life as a yacht charter broker and explains the mystery behind the infamous dinner party question.. ‘oh a yacht broker you say, how interesting, what exactly do you do!?’

Broker Alice at Antigua Sailing Week, 2019.

Prior to joining the Boatbookings team, I had an idea of what my life as a yacht charter broker would comprise of, however, a lot of the job is very surprising. This job title confuses, interests and outrages the world. I hope that the below begins to explain the nature of the yachting industry and the lifestyle that comes with a very fast-paced, different type of job role.

Becoming a yacht charter broker

This is by no means how to become a yacht charter broker, I just want to share my pathway into the industry. The truth is that I am obsessed with boats. From an early age, I have spent most of my free time, weekends and holidays on the water. Whether I’m on the North Sea, the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, I just love it. I would always joke and say that I wanted to become a yacht broker after university, my family would tell me to stop being ridiculous.

I studied Business and Modern Languages at Newcastle University and acquired two internships during my third year abroad from University. Living on the French Riviera introduced me to the world of yacht charter and to the world of superyachts, boat shows, and day charters. I then spent 6 months working as a translator on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe in a scuba-diving school, once again boats were one of the main focuses in my world.

One year later, I found myself sat overlooking Port Canto in Cannes with Boatbookings CEO being offered a role as a yacht charter broker with Boatbookings. I finished university and spent time in the Cannes office before moving to the London office.

Since joining Boatbookings in 2018, I have traveled extensively to review boats, meet with yacht owners, trial sailing grounds, regattas and the best restaurants in the world to provide clients with an unparalleled yacht charter in any sea on the planet.

The challenges of yacht charter brokerage

The title is not always as glamorous as it may appear. The role does allow you to travel around the globe however the market is very competitive, for the role you need to be aware of every boat, know the best owners, suppliers, base managers and to be truly passionate about the industry. The fast-paced nature of the industry is very busy and takes time to nurture clients. The most challenging nature of the job is most definitely to manage client expectations and to underline the fact that a lower price will most probably result in a lower-standard of yacht charter.

How does a charter broker help with a charter?

With the emergence of online yacht booking platforms I would say that a charter brokers is more important now than ever before to create a bespoke yacht charter journey and to deliver high standards to clients. The main roles of a broker are to:

1- Provide the client with advice and recommendations such that the client can make an informed decision for a charter. Brokers spend a lot of time reviewing boats, their crews and sailing grounds so a good broker can provide you with everything you would need to know to have an unforgettable charter.

2- Every charter broker has access to the same systems and the same boats so I would base a decision based on a relationship rather than with cost associated with a charter.

3- To help you every step of the way with charter planning or preparation. From choosing the right boat to speaking with a captain to finding you the best restaurant on a secluded island, Boatbookings brokers will be sure to provide the best service possible. Ensuring that you profit from the best cooks, hostess’ and local products is a huge advantage of using a broker. See below some of the amazing lobster I had onboard a catamaran in Greece this year. This could be you on your next charter.

4- To be available at any time to help. The brokers are on hand and on the phone to help with any questions you may have at any time.

My recommended locations for sailing yacht charters

Antigua Sailing Week https://www.boatbookings.com/yacht_charter/carribbean_canter.php?boattype=2&locations=Antigua&

For the thrill seekers- this is undoubtedly the best regatta in the world.

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One way Dubrovnik- Split charter

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The Exumas, Bahamas

Find out more: https://www.boatbookings.com/yachting_content/exumas_sailing_itinerary.php

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What should I wear?

Whether you decide to embark on your superyacht charter on the French Riviera or the adventure of a lifetime on a sailing yacht in the Caribbean, your charter will be the ultimate week of luxury living. If being on a yacht itself is not enough to make you feel chic, it is also important to look the part on your yacht charter. All yachts have their own sense of dress code so you need to pack the right outfits for your location and importantly for your boat. The tip is to stay warm, safe and stylish, whilst simultaneously matching the style of your yacht.

Classic Yacht Charter

This charter is the definition of chic. Channel your inner Brigitte Bardot onboard a classic yacht. You need to match the teak decks onboard. Think of watching Les Voiles De St Tropez or visiting a remote Caribbean island for inspiration.

The packing essentials:

  • The Ralph Lauren cruise collections, including the iconic blue shirt and a Breton, blue striped jumper.
  • J Crew white trousers.
  • Chanel Espadrilles, and anything else Chanel.

Superyacht Charter, French Riviera

A Breton stripe just won’t cut it for your superyacht charter on the French Riviera. Ensure to pack long dresses and bohemian beachwear for the many beach clubs in the South of France.

  • Vilebrequin swim shorts
  • Chanel Espadrilles for shoreside time
  • Celine Maxi Dresses for evening attire
  • White dresses/ trousers to broadcast bronzed skin.

Bareboat charter in the Med

  • The North Face Duffel Bag
  • Oakley shades
  • Sebago Deck Shoes

Caribbean Sailing

Whether you’re island hopping in the British Virgin Islands or hiking in the French Caribbean. The Caribbean requires a very varied wardrobe. Be sure to bring a light jacket as temperatures during the night can drop quite low! The sun is very strong, covering up as much as possible in the Caribbean is recommended.

Statement bikinis- swimwear is the most crucial outfit of the Caribbean charter. The Amenipah shell bikini is a must for the charter.

  • Hiking boots
  • The Caribbean, floral cover-ups for beach clubs.
  • A light jacket for cooler evenings. The Caribbean does also tends to be very casual, especially at night.

Regatta Yacht Charter

  • Dubarry boots for the bow.
  • Helly Hansen Jackets
  • Sail personalised Quba Sails Duffel Bag
  • Knee pads
  • Sun Protected clothing with UV and plenty of suncream.

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Women in Yachting

‘Are you okay to do that?’

I write this from the perspective of a woman who loves boats, yacht racing and all things on the water. I can safely say that the tides have not turned for women on the water. As a woman who has been brought up on boats, raced and competed in global and regional regattas and worked in the yachting industry, as soon as I get on a boat the question still remains ‘are you sure you’re okay to do that?’. The usual response is a fake smile and ‘I think I might be fine’.

I returned from a beautiful trip to Croatia a few weeks ago. Onboard there was a professional skipper, my two male colleagues and another female colleague. The two females onboard were the sailors. As soon as we stepped onboard, the boys were asked if they would be okay to help with throwing lines and assisting with the sailing in general. Growing up in Yorkshire, United Kingdom and seeing a woman who owned and took full ownership of a yacht was not a common phenomenon but it is something that certainly inspired me from a young age.

Start sailing, join a team or go on a charter with a group of women to enter into the amazing industry of sailing and yacht charter!

Women in Yachting

Ellen MacArthur

Florence Arthaud

She has become a household name for her solo circumnavigation on a trimaran. Her record and legend stood for many years as she inspired many women to start sailing and to stand up for the sailing capabilities.

The French sailor is the only woman to have won the Route du Rhum, a solo trans- Atlantic yacht race. This victory dominated the global news and that stole peoples hards. The phrase to describe this victory is that ‘She demonstrated that it wasn’t just the muscle of man needed to win solo competitions. It was the brain accuracy in meteorology and working with yacht design’. Despite being involved in some of the most dangerous sailing in the world, with close calls including falling overboard in Corsica and retrieving her waterproof cellphone, she tragically was killed in a helicopter accident.

The Magenta Project

This organisation works with the aims of changing the sailing scene in women’s favour. It aims to increase the percentage of female sailors to 10% from 3% and to promote female role models within the yachting industry. https://themagentaproject.org

Chartering a yacht with a female crew

Chartering a yacht with a female crew is a very popular and growing charter request. Contact Boatbookings to help you, we are in contact with some of the best female captains and staff onboard global yachts. Boatbookings covers the globe with charter destinations and knows the best place to suit your group requirements. Boatbookings even has a female CEO, meet the team to get to know more about the brokers and team!

Spending the night in Split.

Before or after your yacht charter in Croatia, a visit to Split should most definitely be on your to-do list. Most of the surrounding ports in Split are only a 10-15 minute taxi from the beautiful city of Split.

Sailing into Split, catching sunsets and watching dolphins.

Restaurants and Bars

Hidden in underground chambers or on beautiful Venetian streets, there is a wide variety of restaurants for everyone in Split. Traditional Croatian food and contemporary fine dining is both available throughout the city. Be sure to visit the palace for some live music, Croatian wine and historical underground tours. Anthony Bourdain once stated that ‘Croatia is the next great thing. If you have not been there, you are… an idiot! I am an idiot’.


Grilled Octopus, traditional lamb shank, truffle pasta, and cuttlefish are some of the best options from this fabulous restaurant. This restaurant is most definitely worth a visit pre or post charter.

The History behind Europe’s Venetian Capital

The story behind Split is one of the most diverse in Europe. The story resonates from Greek settlement in the 3rd century followed by a Roman invasion and taken by Venetian rule in the late 14th century. Venetian architecture can still be seen all over the city. The infamous Venetian Palace was constructed and the city grew around the palace walls.

After the world war, Croatia was transformed into Yugoslavia and this city experienced industrial growth alongside a large shipbuilding industry and a very dynamic port. Despite the destruction caused to Croatia during the Yugoslavian war in the 1990’s however, soon lost its industrial hold during the years following the liberation. The main industry now in Split is tourism. The city is full of hidden gems, beautiful hikes, beach clubs and some of Europe’s most fascinating architecture.

Get in contact with one of the Boatbookings Broker’s to find out more about your net yacht charter in Split.

The St Martin Heineken Regatta 2020

The four day regatta on the French/ Dutch Caribbean island of St Martin kicks off on Thursday March 3rd 2020. This world renowned regatta incorporates windward and leeward races, a 40 mile Anniversary Course and some of the worlds best rum-infused parties. This regatta is both an international sporting event and a key part of St Martin’s island culture. March 2020 will be the 40th Anniversary for this extremely popular inshore regatta.

The History

40 years ago, fun between a few friends on the water led to a huge increase in Heineken beer sales. Since then, Heineken have sponsored this yacht event that has become one of the largest water events on the globe, taking place every March.

The Racing

Set in crystal- blue Caribbean waters, the northeast trade winds offer idyllic racing conditions for all sailors. The regatta is run by a highly experienced racing team that welcome sailors from more than 35 countries to St Martin every year. The races are tailor-made for the winds ever day and allow for many different boats to compete. The racing usually follows the program of training for all entries on Tuesday and Wednesday 4th March 2020. The first race day will take place on Thursday 5th March and will go on until Sunday the 8th March. Sunday 8th March is reserved for a prize-giving and beach party. The cocktail of races includes 8 races over 4 days with windward-leeward races and coastal races included to allow all boats to play to their strengths on the water.

The Parties

The reputation for the parties is indicated by the name of the regatta, the beer sponsorship allows for heavy Heineken consumption throughout the 4 days. The regatta also has a reputation for hosting famous artists at the prize giving. Artists such as UB40, the Black Eyed Peas and Akon have been known to make an appearance during the regatta.

Available Boats

You can chose between a bareboat racing charter, a charter with a skipper or a fully crewed boat to enter the regatta. Please be sure to contact one of the Boatbookings brokers to get the most out of your 2020 Heineken Regatta yacht charter. Whether you’re a seasoned yacht racer or want to try something new, this regatta has something for everyone. If you are relaxing on a beach in St Martin this March be sure to watch some of the action unfold before your eyes. If St Martin is not the charter for you, also consider Antigua Sailing Week 2020 for your regatta charter.

Future dates

2021: March 4th – March 7th

2022: March 3rd – March 6th

2023: March 2nd- March 5th

Contact broker Alice alice@boatbookings.com for further information on how you can get involved with a regatta charter.